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March Updates

· 2 min read

March was a month of heads-down building and connecting with other projects and venues. Here's a list of the most notable updates from this past month.

1. Integration with Cabin Creators NFT Passports: We’re excited to be working with the team to make it safer & easier for members to verify their NFTs for IRL events and spaces using Apple Wallet or Google Pay passes. This was an important milestone for us because it proved that we can integrate our service within the development flow of another product with little to no friction. The time spent adding support for testnets last month paid off here, as it allowed Cabin to use our API within their normal development flow, allowing them to test the integration before deployment for live testing. Visit for more information about Cabin Creators products.

2. Custom thumbnail photos: Based on some early feedback, we've made some updates to how pass designs can be customized. Individual passes can now have custom images displayed on them, such as the image of the NFT or the membership/event badge. You can test this feature on our live demo by simply entering the link of your image before generating your pass.

3. Mobile app demo: We’ve started to put together a mobile app in order to be able to demonstrate current and upcoming features. We implemented a barcode scanner that can be used to scan any of the demo passes generated on our site and validate ownership. You are able to see that data returned from our service after each scan, which is a good demonstration of how to use this feature process within your own product. The mobile app is built using Expo( and the source code can be found here:

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue integrating our service with other products in the space and building out a few features of our own that will make it easy for anyone to use our platform.